Full Circle Crowdfunding Management

At Intermo we are experts in raising capital for brands. We know the platforms and appropriate funding sources so that each Intermo client can hit their goal. When you work with Intermo, you get full circle campaign management.

We start with the idea phase. This is when we get together to brainstorm and collaborate on funding avenues to reach your target. Then we develope a strategy for marketing your product or service on a viral level. This way when it comes time to launch your funding portal, we already have a following.

After we create traction through marketing we develope a broadcast quality video piece to showcase your brand. Fundraisers with video content raise an average of 2000% more income. Intermo’s video production sets you apart from other crowdfunders.

After we complete the video and have all the needed digital media, we launch your fundraising campaign. Whether you’re looking to raise money through accredited investors or one of the many online platforms, Intermo will create the map to get you there.

Let’s talk about reaching your goals.

Raise Money With Intermo Now

Collaborate with Intermo to bring your idea to life for Crowdfunding.

We complete the legal requirements to raise your desired level of capital.

Intermo promotes your brand through digital marketing before we raise the first dollar.

We create the video content needed for your brand to achieve viral visibility.

Intermo manages and optimizes your campaign so that your brand can reach its goal.

Intermo Will Reach Your Goal.
Through Multiple Levels of Funding.

Intermo Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not a trend, and Intermo does not play around when it comes to raising money. This is a craze that’s here to stay. If you have an exciting product or service, Intermo can take you to a viral level of funding.

In 2015 Crowdfunding raised over $34 Billion. By the end of 2016, the Crowdfunding Industry raised more money than all of venture capital.

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